Juvia’s Place Worth The Hype?!!


Juvia’s Place is a highly sort after and reviewed new makeup brand that is inspired by Africa, from the iconic beauty that was Nefertiti to being inspired by African festivities that has so much of color, it can be easily seen from the packaging of their palettes to the product. With youtubers such as nikkitutorials, glamtwinz334 and lizlizlive just to name a few doing reviews of the brand it is easy to see why the brands popularity has been growing. Consisting of palettes, single eyeshadows, makeup brushes and until recently gel eyeliner, with their palettes being the most popular.

DSC00083 (2)

Being the makeup enthusiast that i  am however, i wanted to get my hands on their palettes myself. So taking advantage of the black friday sale i ordered all of the palettes that they had at that time which was The Nubian, The Nubian 2 and The Masquerade Palettes. My order arrived relatively and was nicely packaged. I didn’t however get an opportunity to swatch and use the palettes until recently, which might i say how did i go so long without using these bad boys.

The packages are extremely beautiful from the bright colors and the gorgeous designs.The colors in each palettes are so satisfying to look at, it just screams at you (in a good way though). And do i even have to mention this but yes!!! the colors are extremely pigmented that its crazy. It almost wants to make you cry, because the possibilities are endless with the various looks one can create with each palette.


The Nubian – perfect for makeup beginners or persons who just cant get enough of a neutral eye; consisting of 4 matte shadows and 8 shimmer shadows.


DSC00104The Nubian 2 – ideal for persons slowly wanting to incorporate color in their makeup looks with neutral mattes and shimmer and some color shadows.


The Masquerade – great for persons who love to experiment with their makeup having a wonderful selection of color.

All in all these palettes are definitely pushing the bar for affordable products that are of extremely amazing quality. Looking forward to ordering and playing with the Saharan Palette pretty soon and even trying out some of their brushes.

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