iKateHouse Haul and Review !!

Happy Tuesday all, hope everyone is having a great week so far never fear Friday shall soon be here 🙂 To start of this blog, seeing that its my first time mentioning this website I could probably give you all a little background as to how I stumbled on this fantastic makeup site. Especially considering that i love to ramble anyways lol. It all began, or shall i say once upon a time being the makeup jUnkie that i am and considering how pricey makeup could be i wanted to find a website that was selling good  makeup brands for a reasonable price. So i used good old-fashion google and searched the net. There were a few sites that came up but they a bit lets just say not what i was looking for, then stumbling upon this lovely little site with its cute products and crazy awesome prices i bookmarked that ish and kept it close.


Ordering from ikate (as I love to call it for short) was super easy as they have free shipping over $49US and if u do have to pay its only $4.99US. The hardest part is deciding what items to choose as they have makeup as well as makeup tools and skincare stuff and skincare tools as well as makeup holders and nail polishes and well you get the point they have ALOT of STUFF. Not to mention they have a wide selection of affordable makeup brands from good ole L.A. Girl to Milani to Elf to Beauty Treats to well again you get the point they have alot of brands.

Not mention making life super easy by having a section dedicated to $1 makeup for if your really on a budget (that i so love).

Not forgetting to mention there shipping is fast, like really fast like for standard shipping that ish is fast (I get notified the next day my items have shipped and it takes approx. 2 days) Who said cheap stuff cant be good.


Lashes, silisponge, oval brushes and all my goodies from ikatehouse.
The top clear stand is an acrylic lip gloss holder, the pink cloth is a makeup eraser which might i say really works i was in shock as it only cost $3.99
Absolute skincare system (a more affordable version of the clarisonic) which i am excited to try, Silisponge, lashes and l.a. girl orange corrector.
Bottom of pic super affordable brush cleaner, oval brushes and an acrylic makeup mixer


You can check out ikatehouse if your interested ikatehouse.com. All the items were purchased by me so you know its real. 🙂 Anywho have a good day guys.

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