I’m not quite sure if i should be writing this now, especially since I probably should have started out my blog introducing myself lol 😂but better late than never right.(is that how they say it?)

Well i’ll start of by saying that I come from and live in the beautiful Caribbean (sun, sand beaches all that). I have a great interest in beauty, cosmetics and the like; matter of fact i have an interest in everything: food, travel, fashion, technology, more food, fitness, i’m even getting into astrology. Which is kinda where my blog’s name adapted from…you see im an aquarius that means all the weird, odd, strange…..well you get my point basically “eccentric”.

Its also a bit of motivation to everyone to do whatever it is that they want no matter how strange it might look in anyone else’s eyes. Thus “living eccentric”, and staying true to yourself. So my blog will feature everything beauty, lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, technology and even a bit of astrology for anyone interested lol.

I’ll also just like to encourage anyone not to limit themselves and to do whatever it is that they feel like doing. Meaning if you want to be a blogger, writer, youtuber, scientist, earth traveler, etc. do it. Its one life to live and only you know how to make yourself completely happy. Wow i turned into a motivational speaker real quick 🤣 (0-100 real quick). Anyways great talking to you my love-bugs and hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.

xo 😘

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