Who said this was gonna be easy?……..LIED!!!

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? A question that each of us has been asked dozens of times whether we want to hear it or not. For some it seems as though the moment they’ve been able to piss in their diapers they already knew the answer. Lawyer, photographer, model, teacher, they would answer confidently sticking with that path until they have achieved their life long goal. But what of the others who never really seemed to know what they wanted or thought they did only to realize “damn this isn’t what I wanted at all”. In fact, some like myself may end up in a career only to be unhappy and confused AF as to their next step.

Choosing your career is no easy task. For some though it seems as second nature like it was engraved in their DNA or somewhere in their hard-drive. Others…eh not so much! But never fear, for choosing a future career is something major. Afterall you will be doing this for the better part or the rest of your life so why shouldn’t you take your time. After all a career could make or break you, you often find when people are happy in their jobs it just seems to emanate in their entire lives. Thus making a happier and depressed human being. So why shouldn’t you take your time and take this ish seriously.

I however fall into the “ever changing”category. For a great part of my life i wanted to be a teacher, then i switched and went to university/college to study chemical engineering and like a bus hit me i got a random calling to be a fashion designer (in which case i took sewing classes) after that the road became vague and everything started to blend into a big mush. It seemed like the turn over rate increased because it quickly changed again from business manager to entrepreneur to interior designer to……well you get my point i was lost and it seemed like instead of the older i get the easier it should be to make a decision it was actually the more confused i became. I don’t know if its the aqua thing like i mentioned in my previous post but boy was i confused (still am lol)

Fast forward to present day where i work your typical 9-5 or should i say in my case 8-4 office job. Each day is well you guessed it a routine and it kills me. From the moment i wake up to the moment i reach home my life is like someone pressed the replay button and wont take their finger off. I always knew though I wasn’t cut out for an office job considering how quickly i get bored but what else do you do when you’ve been unemployed for a while and you desperately want to take care of yourself right.?

Sad to say i have reached the point of lack of motivation/ encouragement/ excitement in life. That feeling of being depressed in your job, which starts to turn into being depressed in your life. And trust me it ain’t a good feeling ☹

The stage i’m at now however is coming to terms with the fact that there might never be that dream career for me, that “ah ha this is it” type of job. But more so embracing the realization that you don’t have to be one thing, you don’t have to have that one job for the rest of your life. Who made up that rule anyway if you ask me rules were meant to be broken. If you want to work for yourself, work for yourself if you want to be a dancing astronaut who sells magazine on sundays by all means sir you grab life and you do it lol.

As for me where i’m at right now i just want to be free. I feel so much restriction that i just want to be free and completely happy. I have been looking into travel blogging seeing as how i have always been completely obsessed with traveling to different countries. Its one of the many different things i’m looking into lol. Any travel bloggers out there i am open to getting some advice.

Will definitely keep you guys posted on the career path cause I know i’m not alone out there. Just wanted to talk to you guys on this wonderful Wednesday. Keep safe

xo Jenique.

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