Mani Day!…..NYX nail polish and ORLY Top coat.

Hi Guys! Hope all is well on this wonderful Sunday night. Even though its late I just really wanted to get a post up, and I did miss you guys… alot(even though its only been 4 days since my last post lol). I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. On Friday I did a little bit of shopping and while I was out I was looking for a good top coat so that my nail polish would stay perfect and in place for at least a week as well as one that dried quickly. As I didn’t have any type of top coat for the longest while now and I was missing painting them. While out however I came across the Orly All in One Ultimate Topcoat that claimed to do all this as well as add an extra shine to your polish. So without hesitation i bought and gave a try that same night.

Even though it has been only two days, i can say that I am really loving it. It dried quickly and my nails definitely has that extra shine.


I have on NYX nail polish in “Algae”. An absolutely gorgeous color if you ask me and the cherry on the cake is that its cruelty free. Vegan friendly.



I had this nail polish for quite a while so sadly i was unable to find a proper link. However the topcoat can be purchased here or here.

Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe week 😘

xo Jenique.

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