M.A.C Prep & Prime – Skin Refined Zone Treatment Review.

We all at one point in our lives have heard of the name MAC. Whether we are makeup obsessed, just getting into makeup or could honestly care less, but we still have to admit we have heard the name MAC before. So surprising to say my first purchase from MAC was not to far ago, i purchased their Studio Fix Fluid foundation and their prep & prime skin refined zone treatment for my oily skin which the salesclerk explained the product was great for your t-zone which is the area I like most of us get oily. Actually, I didnt even go with the intention of picking up that product. But the salesclerk asked me what type of skin i have and i explained to her oily next thing you know shes got this bad boy in her hand.


She said that she would be happy apply it to my skin and show me how it works, well i had no problem with it and wanted to see if it would do anything for my frying pan of a face. So she applied it on my nose area and then she handed me a mirror. Well firstly let me tell you I was not wearing any makeup so i wasn’t expecting to see much of an immediate result. Boy was I WRONG. As i lifted the mirror to my face my jaw dropped, like seriously no jokes it dropped. The MAC makeup artist laughed at my facial but i kid you not my face looked matte AF. Like not in a bad way tho, more like I didn’t know it was possible for my face to look so not oily lol. I literally told the girl okay well I will be taking this lol. Even my mom and my brother who were waiting on me outside the store said that my face looked different like it wasn’t looking as oily as when I went in the store.


I certainly vow that it works like WOAH. I couldn’t help but think no wonder people always rave about MAC. So I must say that for my first purchase from them I was extremely pleased. I would just like to add that a little goes a long way. I used a little amount on my cheeks to control the shine.

Hope you enoyed this post. Until next time.


7 thoughts on “M.A.C Prep & Prime – Skin Refined Zone Treatment Review.

  1. I starting using MAC around the end of middle school beginning of high school because I had such bad acne and that was the only brand I really knew. Then I started getting into other brands but I recently fell back in love with MAC and have been obsessed with their products! 💜

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