SILISPONGE Silicone Sponge Review

No doubt many of us have been seeing social media being plagued by this beauty trend of basically applying your makeup with……how shall I say it well……..ANYTHING. From bra inserts to tomatoes to i kid you not i even saw someone use a light bulb….bruh. No doubt things are getting a bit out of hand (that’s an understatement). For some strange reason though i feel that it kinda started with the Silisponge. A silicone based “sponge”, using the word sponge very lightly here because what makes a sponge a sponge is the fact that it can absorb whatever fluid or liquid that is thrown its way. The silisponge however doesn’t absorb anything. In fact that’s what the makers says is so great about it, the fact the you wont lose any product since the silisponge is not absorbing thereby no loss of product. But is this a pro or con? Actually i’ll get into that a little later in the review.

Now actually using the silisponge I must say that it takes a great deal of getting used to it. A great deal of patting your face with the sponge is involved lol since it doesn’t act like a brush or beauty blender. And getting into the areas such as your nose and blending it into your jawline can require a great deal of patience if you want to achieve a flawless or even a finish where there is no line or streaking.

I would just like to demonstrate how it works and applies for you guys to get a better understanding for what I’m talking about.


Application: So I applied the same amount of my L.a girl foundation on both the beauty blender and the silisponge. So as you can see with one swipe how much of product is left on the beauty blender whereas with the silisponge all the product can be utilized. This is advertised as a pro on the silisponge’s part but is it really? With all the extra product and the lack of blending ability of the silisponge however you spend a lot of time trying to blend it into your skin to get that flawless look. Personally the foundation that the beauty bleander absorbs is a good thing thereby giving you a flawless and no cakey cake finish lol

Final thoughts: The silisponge is a good idea however that money could be spent elsewhere, especially if u already if you already have the beauty blender. If your still curious about it, this is where you can purchase your silisponge, or for a more affordable version here is where you can the silisponge.

Have a great week guys

xo Jenique

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