Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes Dupe!

Good Day All hope you had an amazing week. I haven’t blogged in a while, because I have been busy and extremely tired. Working full-time and trying to blog is really a challenge so i applaud all of you trying your best to stick with it. I look forward to the day that i could blog full-time until then I’m gonna try my best to stick with it.

So I recently got into shopping on ebay and i must say it is quite addictive. Seeing all these beauty related items for an amazing price really can make your head do cartwheels. However I think most of us are aware of the fakes that can be bought on ebay which we should take extreme caution if we decide to purchase it. Anywho Real Techniques came out with new brushes called the “Bold Metals” line. Seven beautifully crafted brushes that come in three (3) colours – Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. I must say they are gorgeous they make you question the fact if you even want to use the brushes at all or just stare at their beauty lol.

The Real Techniques brushes which apparently is sold singularly or i have seen them in a set of three retails for US$13 per brush being the price of the cheapest brush in the set to US$21 for the most expensive. Now I love makeup but I found it a bit hard to drop that kinda money on a brush far less for if you wanted the entire set, the amount of cash that it would total.

So I went on ebay and saw alot of dupes for the bold metals brushes, now being new to ebay I did alot of searching around and found a seller that I was comfortable with and placed my order. Actually I moved so quickly because it said it was the last in stock that when I was entering my shipping address i forgot a part of it out but the seller was really nice and said that they fixed everything for me (I knew I had a good feeling about them lol).

The brushes came in this clear plastic bag.

Then each brush had its individual plastic.


Even from the above photos I think you can see how soft the brushes are gonna feel.

I finally got my brushes after honestly over a month of waiting, because you have to keep in mind that alot of the items especially the cheaper ones are coming from China so its going to be quite a wait. It was worth it, the brushes are even more beautiful in person. Mind you they are extremely light. The real “bold metals” brushes are heavier as they are made from well actual METAL. The dupe brushes though are really soft and not scratchy or anything like that. So if you wanted to check out the bold metals brushes and didin’t want to drop that kinda coins definitely check out Ebay. This is the seller that I purchased mine from although the price now is a little more than what i spent. I purchased mine for US$4.13 + FREE Shipping CRAZY RIGHT!!! And that’s for the entire set not just for one brush. Mind = Blown. If you have the cash and do want to try the actual bold metals brushes it can be purchased here.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post and I’m looking forward to posting more. Have a great weekend

xo Jenique



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