My Eyebrow Routine

So I must come clean and say that the inspiration for this post came from reading another blog post on eyebrows and keeping them shaped and maintained etc. And seeing that there I say I’m a little proud of the way my turn out when I do them and more so the long way that I have come in doing them and having them look up to standard lol. Cause let’s be honest in today’s social media crazed world eyebrows are it, in fact it could either make or break your entire makeup look.

So finally getting a routine that I like and personally compliments my face was very important and I’m truly satisfied.

Getting a good routine came in the help of makeupshayla she has a video up on her YouTube channel so you could check it out if your interested.

1. I first begin by combing all the hairs in the direction in which they grow.


2. Using my bh cosmetics flawless brow trio in medium I use the brush that it comes with (it actually works really good) and going into the wax that the palette contains with the angular side of the brush I begin with the top of my brows. I dont start at the beginning of the brow however, I do this so I dont get that fake look and everything looks more natural  About 1/4 way in I start to outline the top of my eyebrow and go all the way down to the end if your eyebrow needs extending like mine just extend it so that it meets the end of your eye when you line it up.


3. Do the same as in step 2 with the bottom of the brow this time with a little amount of product and a light hand you can start at the beginning of the brow.


4. Using the other side of the brush and going into the lighter of the powder shades I fill in my eyebrow hairs. Again don’t begin at the beginning of the brow so as not to get that boxy fake look.


5. I then use the angular side of the brush and going into the darker shade I fill in the last half of my brow. Thus giving a nice blended gradient look.


6. Using a spooley I lightly comb all the hairs to finish blend everything together.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope that you found this helpful. Let me know what you think and have a good day guys.





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