How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

Now let’s keep it real with each other guys none of us really enjoys cleaning our makeup brushes and for those out there that do… clearly are not human jk we wanna know your ways. Now I’m not here to judge how often one cleans their brushes as I’m the last one that should be talking. But I just wanted to do a short post on how I clean my makeup brushes.

My makeup brushes before I clean them.

I don’t take very long to clean them but they are pretty clean and spotless when I’m finished. I also never had any problems with any unsticking or anything like that and I use pretty cheap brushes (I guess I just got lucky *crosses fingers*).

This is how I clean them-:

  1.  I don’t use anything too expensive in fact I use regular powdered soap and it gets the job. When I’m finished they are really clean.

So this is just a short clip of the process that I go through to get my brushes clean. If you want to finish quicker you can do several of your smaller brushes at a time. And yes I watch youtube videos to skip the time 😊.Hope you enjoyed this quick post and have a great week guys.

xo Jenique



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