EBAY Finds!!!

Hey lovelies hope you all are doing well i wanted to do this post for like forever now however if your familiar with ebay you know the tremendous wait you have to endure at times. Which imma be honest has definitely caused my love hate relationship with them. But that’s what you get at times when you’re paying a cheap price. I still wanted to share with you guys the items that I ordered some took as long as a month to get to me so just keep that in mind if you decide to purchase any of the items.

I picked up alot of sunglasses, I guess I got a little overjoyed when I saw the cute designs for a low price. 😂 I mean it was a necessary purchase lol. The items can be seen as pictured below -:


All the sunglasses arrived well packaged and intact. I also picked up 100 disposable mascara wands for doing makeup on clients. In addition to a 12 piece eye-brush set. If you can tell from the picture I even grabbed one of those fish brushes that I’ve seen everywhere on instagram. Lastly the last item is a sort of eye protector so you don’t mess up your eye makeup when applying mascara, it was super affordable. I’ll definitely try to make this ebay finds a regular on my blog as you can get some really fun items on ebay. Thanks for reading guys

xo Jenique


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