Sacha Intense Lipshine Gloss Review & Swatches!

Good day lovelies, hope everyone’s week is starting off well. So jumping right into this post i picked these bad boys up a few weeks back so I had ample time to play around with them and see how they wear. Now like most of us I love liquid lipsticks so when I was in the Sacha cosmetics store I was looking at their Intense Matte Lip Velvet trying to see if there were any new colours that caught my eye. But low and behold I found an array of these lipshine glosses. I was super curious to see the pigmentation of them so i grabbed a few testers and swatched it on the back of my hand, and I must say i found it to be extremely creamy and highly pigmented. I was quite pleased and I grabbed three(3) colours that I know would have worked well with my skin-tone.(Was trying not to go too crazy)

The packaging is super sleek and cute as it is square and compact with a nice matte black cover. The applicator is your regular gloss applicator and it doesn’t really have a fragrance so I think people who are sensitive to fragrances can even pick it up.Here are the swatches:


Its super creamy with a nice shine, also it is not sticky at all in fact I would describe it as being buttery smooth. Did I mention they are quite inexpensive. It’s a nice way to take a break from the liquid lipsticks and the matte look. Hope you guys enjoyed reading and have a wonderful week.

xo Jenique


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