M.A.C Fix + the many Uses.

I feel like this product needs no introduction as a lot of us have tried it or got a chance to play around with it and most of us have had great results, so I’m gonna try something a little different where I’m not gonna do a typical review. We are all familiar with the step at the end of doing our makeup where we spray some of our M.A.C Fix +. But were you aware that it is actually not a “setting” spray. We spray it when we’re finished doing our makeup  to help give a flawless look. If our makeup is looking on the powdery/cakey side M.A.C Fix + would help to give us a natural look. Not to make our makeup last for hours. There are a number of other uses for this amazing product however, so sit back and relax as I name a few :-

fix 3

  1. You can also use Fix + before you apply your makeup it will give your face that much needed hydration as well as providing a nice base for your makeup.
  2. Another great way to use it is as a mixing medium. You can mix in some Fix + with a little bit of eyeshadow to create a custom eyeliner. Also if you have any eyeshadow that you don’t like because the color pay off is not too great, just put some of the shadow on your brush then spray it with Fix + trust me you’ll notice a huge difference. This would also help to make the eyeshadow last longer.

fix 2The top swatch is an old shadow that I have and as you can see it is not very pigmented and at the bottom is the same shadow with Fix +.

3.  In addition on hotter days you can use it to thin out your foundation or concealer for a lighter coverage.

4. This other use for Fix + I honestly wish I knew months ago but if you have any dried up gel liners don’t throw them away just spray some Fix + inside and swirl it  around until you get that creamy consistency again.

fix 4

So there you have it guys some of the very important uses for M.A.C Fix +. Did you guys know of these uses, do you use Fix + in a similar way, did this information help you and are you going to try any of this out? Let me know and I hoped you enjoyed reading until next time.

xo Jenique

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