Wonderful World/Drugstore Haul

So I did a bit of shopping over the weekend and picked up a couple of beauty items that I feel we as beauty lovers can never have enough of, which is basically my way of justifying another beauty purchase. Do you guys do that or just me? lol.

Alot of the items were things I needed backup in or items that I wanted to try. The Cala makeup removing wipes are pretty inexpensive but mind you they work pretty well. I wanted to try a brush cleaning pad so I picked up the Urban Studio one and I must say it is coming in handy especially if you did a dramatic look the day before and your eye brushes are dirty it definitely makes it ready to use with a couple of passes. I’m not saying it’s the best on the market but it gets the job done. I saw they had an eyeshadow primer so i grabbed one its by L.A. Colors. I never really used eyeshadow primers I’ve always been the type to use concealer as my primer or use a white base for my eyeshadows. Trying this I can honestly say it’s not that super amazing I’ll probably try a more high-end primer next time.


Finally, I picked up a liquid eyeliner as I mostly have gel eyeliners in my collection at the moment. I also wanted to try the technique where makeup artists place a puff between the clients face and their fingers so you won’t be placing your hand on the person’s face so I bought a face puff, something that I haven’t owned for a while. I also wanted to add another beauty blender (dupe) to my collection I feel like you could never have too much of these lol. And I bought some more of the Ardell individuals, personally I love wearing individuals over strip lashes I don’t really like putting on strip lashes, they come off quickly at the corners got you looking crazy šŸ˜‚.

Lastly I saw the L.A. Girl brushes that they recently came out with and being the brush hoarder that I am I wanted to give them a try. They are super soft and work really well the angled brush that comes with a spooley I won’t recommend for doing eyebrows as it is not stiff enough but it is great for using it with gel liner or placing shadow on the lower lash line.

Hope you guys enjoyed my mini haul. Until next time

xo Jenique



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