Fave NYX Face Products!

I’ve been enjoying trying out various makeup brands lately and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised at just how much I’ve been loving Nyx. I know they are a brand with a great deal of positive reviews especially seeing that they are on the affordable side, but I am still very impressed. Here are a few of the face products that I have been loving from them lately:

First Base primer spray – it claims to smooth your skin thereby giving you that flawless makeup application. This I found to be a sort of reach but it does give your face a refreshing feeling without being sticky like some sprays may tend to do.

Born to Glow liquid illuminator – Can I say obsessed. I feel like everyone should be including this in their makeup routine. Even if your on the oily side like myself it does not make your skin look greasy, it does give your skin a natural glow. It says you can use it under your foundation for that illuminated look which I definitely recommend. Or it says it can be used as a subtle highlight which for me I wasn’t too crazy over because I found it to be too light.


Total control drop foundation – it is a drop foundation that allows to “control” the type of coverage that your feeling for that day, completely buildable it gives you the option of sheer or full coverage and might I add without feeling heavy. Despite the fact that it looks like it might give you an oily finish it dries quickly to a nice matte finish. I can see why it is deemed the best seller on the nyx website. Not to mention it comes in 24 shades really a good step.

HD studio photogenic concealer – what can I say…..its not cakey, gives you the right amount of coverage and matches my skin completely…..I’m a happy customer 😊

Stay Matte but not flat powder – this product is so lightweight and fine its like I didn’t even put anything on my face which I personally love. The color blends into my skin without any trace. Persons with a orange/red undertone may find it a bit hard to find a shade though as the salesclerk informed me that they tend to have a yellow undertone which for me I love because my undertone is completely yellow and I find it a bit hard as a WOC to find products to match my skin.


So now can you see why I have been loving the NYX face products lately. They are a must try……I’ll do a full post on the total contral drop foundation soon…..in the mean time hope you guys enjoyed reading

Xo Jenique




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